Be more human

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“Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.” – Tyrion Lannister

Yes, you were born as the winner of your sperms race. You are special and unique. There is nobody like you in the whole wide world. Yet remember that you are just human after all. You are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

In the pursuit of success and happiness, you may be trying hard to be highly effective and to become an over-achiever. This inevitably tend to result in high stress and disappointments. In life things are not always as you like them to be. You are not totally in control of all aspects of your life.

Why not be more human, instead of trying to be superman or wonder woman? Be satisfied that you are doing your very best under the circumstances. Sometimes the results are not spectacular. Sometimes they are just average. Sometimes you even fail miserably. Don’t criticize yourself and undermine your self-esteem and self-worth. Accept your flaws and weaknesses. Focus more on your strengths, talents and skills.

Regardless of your circumstances and past failures, your attitude and grit will be the keys to your success and happiness. On your way to your success and fulfillment, remain humble, kind and loving. Offer your help and be of service humbly to other fellow human beings who are in need. That’s what being human is all about.

Please share how are you trying to be more human?



What gives meaning to your life?

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Most effective and successful people know what really matters most in their lives. They can tell you in details exactly what gives their lives meaning. The average person pays little attention to the above fundamental question because he or she thinks it’s kind of obvious. On the other extreme, there are millions of people who could not care less. No wonder they are not happy and successful because they never make the most of their potential.

At this stage of my life, my answer to the above question is the following: my family, relationships, to love and being loved, God, kindness, caring, becoming my best, serving others in need, writing and mentoring and coaching others. If you take your time to reflect about it, you too will find your unique and specific answer to your search for meaning in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Answer this existential question and ensure that you spend time and attention on them. Pursue your search for life meaning like your life depends on it.

Why is it so important that you know what gives you meaning in your life? Simply because knowing your purpose and what matters most for you means that you can live more purposefully and deeply. The more you spend time on what gives meaning to your life, the more you will be happy, content and fulfilled. After all is that what we all want: happiness, contentment and fulfillment in our lives? When you can make life better for yourself and your family you become truly alive.

Please share what gives you meaning and what matters most in your life.

Buy properties and grow rich

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Most people wish they have more financial freedom and independence. They would then have less financial worries and be happier. Is this just a wish and a dream?  Can this be actually achieved in your lifetime? My answer is yes, you certainly can. Is it easy? No, it’s not. Thanks God it’s not, otherwise everybody would be a real estate investor. Because of this fact, there are a lot more opportunities for people like you and I who are not scared of challenges and some risk-taking.

One way of increasing your wealth is to invest in real estate, for your own use first and later for resale or rental purposes. In big populated cities of most countries, real estate properties usually increase in value over time mainly due to the limited amount of residential and commercial lands, and also due inflation. Knowledge, patience and skills are required when you are investing in real estate because properties can be assets as well as liabilities. Properties are expensive to buy and they also cost a lot of money to manage.

The real estate market is full of tremendous opportunities for the savvy investor. Attending real estate seminars can give you leading-edge strategies to find, fund, and finalize lucrative deals – once you know where to look and how to negotiate, buy and sell!

With real estate, you are the one in control. You have a tangible property that you own, you have the pride ownership and a sense of financial security. You can actually see and show your investment to your family and friends. Of course, you must like the property, but not necessarily be emotionally attached to it because eventually you will sell it for a profit. In addition, it is one of the few businesses and investments that financial institutions like banks and mortgage companies are prepared to finance you at 80 – 90%.

You can retire rich through real estate investments and because properties values generally appreciate and have withstood the test of time. There are more millionaires who amass their wealth through real estate than in any other ways.

You can buy houses, apartments and commercial properties with 80-90% borrowed money and rent them out. The rents usually cover the mortgage payments and all other expenses or you can flip them i.e. renovate them and sell them. Best of all, real estate investment skills can be easily learned.

So put in the effort, do your homework, and buy properties and grow rich. If you are already a successful real estate investor, share your stories and your best advice.

Living a healthy lifestyle

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Golf1The single most impactful investment you can make in life is investing in yourself. Exhibit unconditional love by starting to love and nurture yourself. Enhance your mental health, physical health, emotional needs, social interactions, financial health and spiritual self. These aspirations are highly interrelated and affect each other. If any one of them is neglected and unmet, the quality of your life suffers.

Your positive mental attitude should be extended to all spheres of life. Live in an authentic manner by being in touch with your inner self. Allow your healthy lifestyle to unfold in front of you rather than to try control everything. Trust your values, heart and intuition.

Exercise regularly and practice yoga, tai chi and meditation. Eat nutritious food and drink alkaline water and fruit juices. Enjoy your social life with your friends. Manage your finances and invest wisely. Incorporate good habits in your daily life. Reflect on your life and lifestyle regularly. Live your life purposely by trusting yourself and by building integrity in your behaviour.

I urge you to find ways of continuously improving your quality of life and lifestyle through daily effort, discipline and good habits. How are you living your healthy lifestyle? Please share what is working for you.



Serving others and providing value

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We all want to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. However most of us are not sharing our gifts, skills and passion with the world. We are merely trying to survive by earning our living in an average job. We had high school education, and maybe graduated from college or university. Then we look for a job with a decent salary.
There must be a better way of living your dreamed life. Actually there is. Do the work you love based on your passion and your purpose in life. First you must know what is your passion and purpose. Ask yourself some meaningful and revealing questions. What are your current skills, talents and assets? What deeply inspires and fascinates you? What would you do if you had no limitation in time, health and money? What impact you want to have on your community and the world?

Robin Sharma says that your success and lifestyle depends on your helpfulness. Once you have a good understanding of your gifts, passion and purpose, you are ready to serve others and add value to their lives. Whatever your field of endeavour, ensure that you master the topic and subject matter. Become an expert in that field by continuously sharping your skills. Only then you can really provide added value to others.

By understanding your clients’ challenges and problems better, you can serve them better, provide value and actually help them. The more you serve and provide value to others whether it is your family, friends, clients or company, the more successful you will become. It is as simple as that.

What are your gifts and expertise? How are you sharing your skills and providing added value?
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The culture of grit

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll people are born winners.  Yes, you won your sperm race. The real question is whether you can develop your tremendous potential by hard work, discipline and grit. In the end, those are the people who will be most successful.

In her best-selling book, “Grit”, Angela Duckworth defines it as a combination of passion and perseverance. The author found that high achievers in any field of endeavor have one thing in common: grit. So what is grit? Ms. Duckworth says: “Grit is about holding the same top-level goal for a very long time.”

The consistency of effort and practice over a long period time is the main ingredient for success. What counts in the long run is the perseverance, even more than passion and natural talent. There is no shortcuts to excellence and real expertise, it takes purpose, practice and perseverance, hence a lot of time.

High performers make deliberate practice into an enjoyable habit. If you want to be successful, you need to embrace challenge and hard work rather than fear or hate it.  Following through obstacles and challenges in life teaches you powerful and transferable skills and develops your resilience.

To be gritty, is first of all to show up. To be gritty is to hold fast to your purpose, vison and passion. To be gritty to hold fast to a specific and meaningful goal. To be gritty is to persevere in face of adversity, days after weeks after years.

Whether you realize it or not, the culture you identified with shapes every aspect of your life. So develop a habit and culture of grit. Choose friends who are gritty and follow gritty leaders. If there are none around you, create your own gritty culture. It is the culture of grit that truly helps you achieve your potential and success in life.

How gritty are you? What are you doing to improve your grit?

Being motivated and productive

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We all know that there are some people, managers and leaders who are much more effective and productive than others. Charles Duhigg in his book, Smarter Faster Better, affirms that a handful of key insights can explain why these people are more motivated and successful than others.

A prerequisite to motivation is believing you are in control of your actions and surroundings. Motivation becomes easier when you transform a chore into a choice. Doing so gives you a sense of control. When you feel in control you tend to work harder and push yourself more. A sense of control gives you more confidence to practice making choices and decisions. Learning to see your choices as affirmations of your core values and goals turns your motivation automatically into a habit.

To create a productive environment, what matters is having a voice and social sensitivity. Teammates have to be socially sensitive to one another’s emotions and needs, and ensure everyone feels heard. As a leader, you need to draw the brilliance out of everyone but making them feel heard, respected and valued.

Most email, text, tweet, social update, and app notification cuts your focus and kills your productivity and progress. So you must take control of your attention and time. Build mental models that put you firmly in control by choosing smart goals and strategies. In addition, you need to feel that your work or project is important and personally meaningful.

Personally, I keep motivated and productive by setting smart goals and developing good productive habits. While I have several projects on the go, I know and focus on my priorities. Achieving my goals and completing my projects reinforce and fuel my motivation and productivity.

Please share how you are keeping yourself motivated and productive, we can all learn for it.Smater.Faster.Better.