Develop your life strategy

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           Dream.Reality.2Feb2016 Take all the time necessary to think about your life purpose and develop a strategy and an action plan for it. Once you have a clear idea of your main priorities and goals in life. You need to get organized and develop a plan and strategy. Planning encompasses all activities that lead to the definition of objectives and strategies to achieve them. The more thoughts and details you can put on paper the better your chance of success. Think of your plan and strategy as a road map to follow in order to reach your destination. You need to remain flexible and adaptable because plan and strategy do alter according to changing conditions.

The important thing is to think your life strategy through very careful and put in on paper.  Seek feedback and advice from more experienced people. Make appropriate changes where necessary at different stages of your life. Set realistic schedule for your action plan. Ensure you have a well thought out strategy and have a detailed effective action plan to achieve your goals. Go for it with all your resources, determination and energy. Good luck!

Your comments would be appreciated. Share with us your life purpose and strategy.


2 NEW Become Your Best LIVE Seminars – Port Louis, Mauritius

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Our last Become Your Best LIVE EVENT was a great experience.  I got a chance to connect with some great people and helped them set a path to a hopeful and wonderful future.

This week I am holding 2 more sessions @ St Georges Hotel, Port Louis:

Please join us and SHARE this with others you feel would benefit.



Being Inspired on Vacation

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I am presently vacationing in the beautiful island of Mauritius, where I was born. Being retired, I can now afford to escape the harsh winter in Ottawa, Canada to chill in this tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Read the rest of this entry »


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Your mind has incredible power. All your knowledge and experiences, whether harmful or beneficial, are created by your mind. Read the rest of this entry »

VIENT DE PARAÎTRE: Plein potentiel avec Kin Tue-Fee

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2-16-2015 1-06-03 PM

I was recently featured a Mauritian Frech Language News Paper, Le Mauricien, check out the Article HERE

To learn more about becoming your best self, attend the Become Your Best LIVE EVENT in Port Louis, Mauritius Feb 21st 2015.

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Leadership: Succeeding from Engineer to Manager (Podcast)

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I was interviewed  by the Time to Shine Podcast.  Around making the leap from engineer to manager.

You can learn more about leadership and management from my book: PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST

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Do you have the right people around you?

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Having the right people supporting you in your endeavours and relationships make a huge difference in your life. The right people are your best assets. Read the rest of this entry »