Kin Tue-Fee

Bio: Husband, Father, Author, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Keynote speaker, Entrepreneur, Tennis, Golf. Kin Tue-Fee was born in the beautiful tropical island of Mauritius. He now lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and three children. Kin's interest in the field of personal and professional management and development goes back about thirty years. In the pursuit of his self-enhancement, he has attended numerous conferences, seminars and workshops on management and leadership topics. In 1997, he published his first book: Become your best - Principles of personal management and development. In 2014, Kin Tue-Fee updated the whole book into its 2014 Edition. As an executive in the public service of Canada, he has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge that he wants to share with supervisors, managers and leaders who are ready and willing to put people first and make the most of their employees' potential. He spent the last ten years researching, studying, experimenting to prepare and write his first book. His second book is entitled: Putting People First - A personal approach to management and leadership. It was published in 2009. As a coach and an educator, he intends to introduce this fascinating concept of putting people first to as many supervisors, managers and leaders as possible with respect, empathy and love. Manage more effectively and with confidence Bring out the best in your employees through effective communication Lead to your team to higher productivity and better results Motivate those who work with you and inspire them to reach their potential Become a more effective coach and facilitator Appraise the performance of your employees more effectively Accomplish more in the time you have by delegating responsibilities to others

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