Something More by Sarah Ban Breathnach

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The wisdom, warmth, compassion, and disarming candor of Simple Abundance have made Sarah Ban Breathnach’s a trusted voice to millions of women. Now Sarah invites us on a bold, brave, and beautiful continuation of the journey to authenticity, the search of something more.

In Something More, the author encourages us to dig in our past, unfulfilled longings, forgotten pleasures and abandoned dreams to uncover our authentic self.

In today’s harsh materialistic world, millions of people unfortunately called their survival a success. They eventually settle in a job or profession, and often accept indifferent marriages and relationships. In the fast changing environment, we all have a lot of responsibilities, worries, anxieties and fears. Our authenticity is buried in the small details of our daily routine at home and work, and with our family and friends.

The conscious search for something more is a sacred adventure that will provide you profound turning points and provocative choices to live your life without regrets. While you may be petrified to make the wrong decisions, your choices are in fact spiritual gifts that you open with your free will. You will need to bravely embark on your spiritual path and embrace it. With meditation, self-awareness and enlightenment, you will be guided by your inner self and intuition.

You have to willing to relinquish the need to live through others and acknowledge that you deserve a life of your own choosing. To achieve authentic success, we don’t need to compare ourselves to others. Discover your own path and style. If you are to lead a deep, rich and fulfilling life so your soul can soar, passion must fuel your flight. Believe it or not, you are meant to wake up every morning invigorated and exhilarated, with gratitude and a smile in your face.

Whether you are comfortable with this truth or not, you were conceived in passion, born in passion, and will die in passion. The pursuit of Something More is simply the soul’s plea to live passionately.


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