In Pursuit of Relationships

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In Pursuit of Relationships.frontMy new book, In Pursuit of Relationships, is just over a month away – to be published and launched in mid March 2018 in Mauritius.

Life consists of a series of relationship. Flourishing and enduring relationships are essential for your wellbeing and happiness. In Pursuit of Relationships addresses all aspects of the complexities of human relationships, including its many challenges and potential solutions. The author, Kin Tue-Fee, have strived to provide you with powerful and practical tools for making your relationship work, like how to:

·       Improve and strengthen your relationship

·       Revive your relationship by effective communication

·       Choose your partner in life

·       Support each other’s growth and success

·       Create better connection with your partner

·       Collaborate effectively to resolve conflicts

·       Live in single splendour

·       Reignite your sex life

To celebrate its publication, I have a pre-order free giveaway for Mauritians only.

For the first one hundred people who pre-order and pay for my new book (Rs550), I am giving away a copy of my book: Realisez votre plein potential (Value -Rs480). It is the French translation of my best-selling book: Become your best, available at all Bookcourt stores and Le Cygne.

I am excited for you all to read my new book and look forward to seeing you at the book launch and seminars in Mauritius in March and April 2018.

To pre-order and find out more, contact me personally via LinkedIn or at my e-mail address:


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