Serving others and providing value

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We all want to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. However most of us are not sharing our gifts, skills and passion with the world. We are merely trying to survive by earning our living in an average job. We had high school education, and maybe graduated from college or university. Then we look for a job with a decent salary.
There must be a better way of living your dreamed life. Actually there is. Do the work you love based on your passion and your purpose in life. First you must know what is your passion and purpose. Ask yourself some meaningful and revealing questions. What are your current skills, talents and assets? What deeply inspires and fascinates you? What would you do if you had no limitation in time, health and money? What impact you want to have on your community and the world?

Robin Sharma says that your success and lifestyle depends on your helpfulness. Once you have a good understanding of your gifts, passion and purpose, you are ready to serve others and add value to their lives. Whatever your field of endeavour, ensure that you master the topic and subject matter. Become an expert in that field by continuously sharping your skills. Only then you can really provide added value to others.

By understanding your clients’ challenges and problems better, you can serve them better, provide value and actually help them. The more you serve and provide value to others whether it is your family, friends, clients or company, the more successful you will become. It is as simple as that.

What are your gifts and expertise? How are you sharing your skills and providing added value?
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