Being motivated and productive

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We all know that there are some people, managers and leaders who are much more effective and productive than others. Charles Duhigg in his book, Smarter Faster Better, affirms that a handful of key insights can explain why these people are more motivated and successful than others.

A prerequisite to motivation is believing you are in control of your actions and surroundings. Motivation becomes easier when you transform a chore into a choice. Doing so gives you a sense of control. When you feel in control you tend to work harder and push yourself more. A sense of control gives you more confidence to practice making choices and decisions. Learning to see your choices as affirmations of your core values and goals turns your motivation automatically into a habit.

To create a productive environment, what matters is having a voice and social sensitivity. Teammates have to be socially sensitive to one another’s emotions and needs, and ensure everyone feels heard. As a leader, you need to draw the brilliance out of everyone but making them feel heard, respected and valued.

Most email, text, tweet, social update, and app notification cuts your focus and kills your productivity and progress. So you must take control of your attention and time. Build mental models that put you firmly in control by choosing smart goals and strategies. In addition, you need to feel that your work or project is important and personally meaningful.

Personally, I keep motivated and productive by setting smart goals and developing good productive habits. While I have several projects on the go, I know and focus on my priorities. Achieving my goals and completing my projects reinforce and fuel my motivation and productivity.

Please share how you are keeping yourself motivated and productive, we can all learn for it.Smater.Faster.Better.


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