Living a charmed life

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Most people want to live a life filled with an abundance of success, happiness and love. However, only a few people are actually living a charmed life. So how can you live your dream life?

You need to develop an abundance mindset. Start counting your blessings every day.  You have an abundance of blessings like your family, friends, relationships, health, job, food, shelter, compassion, love, common sense, etc. So be grateful for what you already have.

I always start and end my day with a thanksgiving prayer or thought. In addition, I send loving thoughts to the Universe. This simple habit has made a huge difference in my life.

Develop a positive mental attitude. Nurture your self-esteem. Focus on your priorities. Set and achieve smart goals in all aspects of your life. Choose your friends wisely. Develop healthy relationships. Live within your means. Save at least ten percent of your income on a regular basis. Invest your money wisely. Put in the extra effort.

Personally, living a charmed life means having an abundance of blessings, love, health, good relationships, discretionary time and money. As it happens, I have them all at this moment, although I know it is only temporary. So I am very grateful for them, and I don’t take them for granted.

What does your charmed life look like?  Are you living your charmed life? If not, what are doing to pursue your dream life?


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