What makes you come fully alive?

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What really makes us come fully alive? Is it success, fame, power, money, accomplishment, passion, bliss, happiness, joy, fulfillment, adventure, being in the moment, conquering your fears, taking risk, challenge, struggle, hardship, danger, or something else? I guess the answer to this existential question is very personal and would be different for most of us.

For some people, it is when they feel intense emotion of joy and pleasure, being in awe of the happening. Opening a present, winning a game, going on vacation, giving or witnessing birth, speaking or performing in front of an audience, obtaining a promotion and living an adventure would be good examples when your mind and heart race in excitement. For others, it could be the sensation of being in love and of enjoying sexual interactions with your partner. It could be simply dining with their family and friends. Some live more abundantly when they are exercising or playing their favourite sport. Some feel fully alive only when they are enjoying fast and exciting rides or extreme sports.

For you, it could be enjoying a vacation in an exotic place. It could be hiking in a natural environment. It could be simply when you are with your loved ones. It could be when you are being mindful and living in the present through awareness and gratitude. It could be when you are meditating or on a spiritual quest. It could be getting out of your comfort zone and taking some calculated risks. It could be even overcoming a big challenge and struggle after a period of hardship.

For most of us including me, it is a combination and permutation of all the above and some other moments of rapture. For me personally, I need to strive to become my best every day, even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone, facing my fear and taking some risks. Whatever they may be for you, you need to reflect on what makes you fully alive, and try to incorporate more of them in your life.

So what really makes you come fully alive? Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.


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