Mental Wellbeing and Fitness

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Most of us exercise our physical body on a regular basis either by walking, jogging, swimming or going to the gymnasium. Some exercises are more relaxing, and others are more strenuous. Similarly, our mind needs mental exercise to maintain its wellbeing and fitness.

You can divide at your mental exercise and fitness regime as follows:

1.      Mental massage and relaxation

2.      Mental exercise and fitness

3.      Mental growth and creativity

Mental massage and relaxation

Mental massage and relaxation focuses on thoughts that bring you serenity, contentment, and possibly joy. These consist of thoughts of gratitude and love. In this category, you can also include affirmations, prayers and meditations. You reinforce and nurture your inner peace when you pray and meditate regularly. Prayers and meditation slow down time, gives you a break from the stress of life, and allows clearer thinking and finding constructive solutions.

For mental relaxation, you can visualize your dream life. This visualization exercise helps you manifest the life your truly desire. Read a good book. Play a musical instrument. Sing a song.

Mental exercise and fitness

Mental exercise and fitness will be a bit more rigorous. Mental activities like setting your smart goals and developing detailed strategies for your personal and professional growth and development. Identify and focus on your main priorities. You can also keep brain active with crosswords puzzles and quizzes.

You may want to identify the most urgent and important goal that you can pursue that would have the most beneficial effects for you at this present time.

Mental growth and creativity

Mental growth and creativity include any activity that stimulates your growth, creativity and innovation. These mind activities tend to stretch your mental capacities and may involve learning new things.

Learning new language will fall in this category. Similarly, learning to play a musical instrument will demand much mental effort and concentration. Creative mental activities include drawing a new painting, writing a book or a song, and developing a new business. Look for opportunities to grow on a personal or professional level by being open to new ideas, concepts and processes. Take some risks by accepting new challenges.

How do you maintain your mental wellbeing and fitness? Your comments and inputs would be much appreciated.


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