Living and aging well

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As I am retired from work, I have plenty of discretionary time to reflect about living and aging well. It is not just longevity. My first thought and advice is that living and aging well start early, not at retirement.

Life and aging is a continuum. You don’t need to wait for a better time before you start to change your lifestyle. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on the quality of your life. So you need to be proactive. Incorporate good habits in your daily activities as early as possible. Some good habits are as follows:

  • develop positive mental attitude
  • nurture your self-esteem
  • exercise regularly
  • nourish yourself with and health food and drinks
  • have plenty of sleep and rest
  • develop loving relationships

Of course, the above mentioned habits are not exhaustive by any means. For example, if you want to travel and see some interesting places around the world. You also need to take charge of your money and financial health if you want to have more options in life.

For me, living and aging well is simply the reward of a long and healthy life, filled with purpose, contentment and loving relationships.

“The important thing is not how many years is in your life but how much life is in your years.” Edward J. Stieglitz

Are you living and aging well? What does living and aging well mean to you?



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