Mindfulness and its practice

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Mind.Heart.jpgAn open and uncluttered mind is optimal for the practice of mindfulness. More and more people are becoming aware of the power of now. Being in the moment is essential to experience the joy and simplicity of feeling fully alive. Concentrate on whatever you are doing right now, one action and/or one task at a time. Whether you are sitting, walking, eating or working, be focused of what you are actually doing.

If you are talking to a person, pay attention and listen to what he or she is saying. If you are cooking a delicious dish, feel the textures of the ingredients under your hands and smell the odour of their fragrance. If you are driving a car, concentrate on the road in front of you while being aware everything around your periphery. If you are working on a project, focus your mind on the task at hand.

The practice of mindfulness is basically a moment by moment awareness.  It is not easy to be mindful over an extended time. However its persistent practice can eventually become a beneficial habit for you and your awareness.

What are you doing to remain focused and mindful on your task at hand?


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