Have you assessed yourself lately?

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Taking charge of your life implies knowing your talents, abilities and needs as well as your limitations. Be sincere and honest with yourself by recognizing both your strengths and weaknesses. Accept the fact that you are not perfect and that there will be some failures in your life. Now is the time to choose how you want to lead the rest of your life. The first step is to believe that your life is worth the experience of living to its full potential. You have the choice to live purposely right now. Living in the present makes a lot of sense but it is not as easy as it seems. Many people insist on wasting time by mentally living in the past that cannot be changed or in the future which may never materialize as they wish it to. When you are stuck in this mode of thinking you need to alter your way of thinking immediately. Stop and ask yourself, what you could do to take better care of yourself right now. Giving careful consideration to this question usually leads to a change in your lifestyle, behaviour and thoughts. To live to your full potential, you must get into the habit of doing those things which are important to you today and every day, and doing them as efficiently as possible. Ask yourself regularly whether what you are doing at any moment is really important to you. Sometimes your present tasks at hand may not be pleasant but they are your responsibility and as such, you must perform them well. You will have taught yourself a valuable lesson in being responsible and proactive.

By choice through your actions or inaction, you are where you are at present. You may have low self-esteem and think that you are not capable of taking charge of yourself. You may be telling yourself that you are a failure, life isn’t fair and you doubt if reading this book is even worthwhile. The fact is that everyone has problems and adversities, and makes mistakes. Each of us is also a special and unique human being who is capable, worthy and lovable. It takes a lot of inner work to accept yourself as you are. There is really no other way but to start where you are and progress from there. Don’t allow poor judgement of yourself to limit you within preconceived boundaries. Take an inventory of every asset you possess. Begin with self-assessment. Is your greatest asset not yourself? You can shape your own destiny. Assess your present strengths, talents, abilities, skills and circumstances. Consult family members, friends, colleagues and professional experts to learn about and validate your real skills. Determine what your professional, technical, functional, transferable and personal skills are at this stage of your life. Utilize them to the best of your ability. Learn more about yourself, your values, beliefs, motivations, needs and interests.

Take responsibility your wellbeing and good health by caring for your body and mind. You may also want to work on your present weaknesses to build self-reliance and self-confidence. Be patient and don’t expect instant drastic changes. From your present perspective, examine your main purpose in life and give yourself a direction to follow. Look at the realities that are facing you today. Change direction if necessary so that you are in full alignment with your primary goal in life. Knowing where you are going will enable you to understand better where you are now so that you can take the appropriate steps in the direction you want to go next. You must have faith and confidence in yourself, recognizing that you can improve from where you are now.

Have you undertaken your crucial self-assessment recently? How are you taking charge of your life?


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