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Failure will be inevitably part of your journey in life. Successful people don’t let fear of failure deter them.

If you are a teenager or a young adult and you ask out a girl or a guy on a date, you may get rejected, but you don’t let this rejection deter you from asking and falling in love again.

In your professional career, you will most probably be laid off for one reason or another, don’t let this setback deter you from applying for another position or starting your own business.

In your relationship with your partner in life, you will have arguments and disputes, don’t let these conflicts eliminate your respect, trust and love for the person you have chosen as your soul mate.

Personally, my worst fear was public speaking. After many years of hesitation, I finally joined Toastmaster International and conquer my fear of public speaking. Today I conduct seminars internationally on personal and professional management and leadership. In my professional career, I lost my job a couple of times, and I bounced back stronger. In my private life, I suffered two episodes of depression, they were was both very distressful and painful experiences. With much support and love, I recovered and made sure I help and serve others in similar situation whenever I can.

The lessons I have learned from facing fear and failure is that you need to accept your feelings of vulnerability in these situations. You also need to be resilient and try to stay positive. If you can’t, and sometimes you won’t be capable of staying positive, seek and accept help and assistance. You will eventually bounce back stronger and wiser as a human being with much more compassion and understanding of people and life. Your attitude is crucial to overcoming your fear and learning from your failure.

How did you overcome your fear and failure? Please share how you did it and your lessons learned.


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