Financial Independence

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According to a recent poll by the American Psychology Association, money issues are actually the #1 source of stress for most Americans (and most people in the world).

When you think about the biggest struggles you face in your daily life, I suspect a great many of them are connected in some way to the same thing: lack of money.

This suggests that there must be something wrong at the very foundation of our whole relationship with money.

That’s why some education about money and how to use it wisely is very important. If this is not important for you, that’s perfectly fine too. It’s really a matter of choice.

It’s important to share some of your wealth with others in need, However if you are a money magnet and have discovered how to create wealth and abundance, it’s best to share your knowledge with your loved ones and others.

For example, you can start by living within your means, saving 10% of your net income, investing it wisely in the appropriate financial sectors and vehicles, starting a business, etc. You need the discipline of doing this over a sustained time to leverage your financial health.DCIM100SPORT

What is working well for you in developing your financial health and wealth?


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