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Your mind has incredible power. All your knowledge and experiences, whether harmful or beneficial, are created by your mind. If you are aware of this fact, you should make the awakening of your mind one of your priorities. The awakening mind is the source of all good things. However, the power of your awakening mind should be harnessed wisely.  Guard the doorway of your mind very carefully. Avoid self-centeredness, and weed out negative thoughts and intentions. Your powerful mind should not be used selfishly to serve your ego. You should aspire to awaken the full power of your mind to serve your fellow human beings, including your loved ones. This is a pure and powerful intention.


You can awaken the potential of your mind by cultivating positive thoughts and pure intentions every day.  Start and end your day with thanksgiving prayers and being grateful for your blessings. Cultivate your germ of kindheartedness. Practise the conscious and deliberate caring and concern for others. Determine how best you can serve the needs of others. In your ordinary everyday life, awaken your mind to all the opportunities to exhibit kindness, good-heartedness, compassion and love in your relationships. Be mindful of all the ways you can make the most of your own potential and of others too. Set smart goals and take decisive actions to achieve them. Be mindful to live your life with gratitude and love on a daily basis. Spend at least thirty minutes in meditation daily. These daily practice will expand your mind and lighten your heart. You will eventually achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress through your loving social interactions.

Have you awakened your mind to the abundance of blessings and love in the life? Are you living your life with gratitude and love? What are other ways you are nurturing your awakening mind?


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