Believe in yourself, otherwise no one will.

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The value of believing in yourself is inestimable. You need to have confidence in your own abilities if you want to be effective and successful. You must believe in yourself to hold on to your purpose in life when things are tough. You have to accept that you have a definite responsibility to yourself to achieve your purpose in life. Take a leap of faith and begin to believe in yourself. Make this commitment today and keep it. Each day you can act more responsibly and more purposefully. In the end, what counts is decisive action. When you believe in yourself, you are more likely to take act.

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Lack of self-confidence and feelings of inadequacy are among the most difficult personal problems people are facing today. There are many reasons why people suffer from a sense of inadequacy and insecurity. They mistrust their ability to meet responsibilities and to seize opportunities. They do not believe they have anything worthwhile to contribute to their family and friends, to their work, to their community or to their country. They spend a large portion of their lives worrying about the uncertainty of future outcomes, even if they are beyond their control. They harbour nagging self-doubts about their potential. Their confidence is eroded. They therefore act in a very limited way and never reach their full potential.

One of the reasons believing in yourself is so powerful is that it influences your thinking and behaviour. If you believe you can’t talk to a large group of people, you will avoid public speaking. On the other hand, if you believe you can talk in front of a group of people, that belief alone will influence your performance. You will not be as nervous and intimidated when you have to deliver a speech. To build up the feelings of self-confidence, the practice of suggesting confidence concepts to your mind can be very effective. A challenge or a problem may defeat you before you ever do anything about it if you allow it to overwhelm you mentally before you start to deal with it. On the other hand, a confident and positive approach can enhance your belief system and can overcome the situation. Believe in your ability to shape your destiny and put that belief to work by acting on it. Welcome constructive criticism instead of fearing it and reacting to it negatively. Encourage feedback to learn how others see you. Use it to take inventory of yourself and look for things to improve. With regular feedback, others start to see you as you see yourself and as you think you are. So think of yourself as being: successful, loving, helpful, generous, courageous and optimistic. Keep telling yourself that if you can dream it and strongly believe in it, you can do it! You can make a difference to your life and you can change it for the better.

Do you believe in yourself? If you don’t, start believing in yourself now. If you do believe in yourself, how are you nurturing your self-confidence?

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