Job Hunt Strategy

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The way to manage your job hunt stress is to develop a strategy.  Here are some key thing to address:

Determine your goals and job targets.

Have an action plan and implement it with discipline and perseverance.

– Track down job leads through effective networking.

Develop the confidence to sell yourself and your skills and attributes at the interviews.

In this economy, a job hunt can be a frustrating process. I know because I went through the process many times. That’s when a positive mental attitude and a healthy self-esteem are crucial.

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Using my own advice, I have just been successful in finding myself numerous jobs and promotion, the latest position as Director, Planning and Priorities at the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. I attribute my success to the following factors:

– Setting clear and smart goals

Having a positive mental attitude and perseverance

– Being coached and mentored

– Being very well prepared

Having supportive networks

– Having my family and friends solidly behind me.

Good luck to all who are looking for a new job. Feel free to comment or message me with questions.

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