Choosing your partner in life

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Choosing your partner in life is certainly one of the most important decisions you have taken or you will be taking.

So how did you go about or how will you go about looking for your partner in life? Is it a matter of luck or a deliberate choice?

What qualities do you look for in your partner in life? What do you expect from your partner in life?

In my case, I started to look for my partner in life after I finished my university education and was already working full-time. I needed to be capable of earning a good living before looking for a partner. I believe then I was restricted by time, geography and my limited network of friends and acquaintances. At that time, I was a young debonair naval architect, 26 years old, living in Glasgow, Scotland. All the girls I could meet were either in Glasgow, or in London, UK where I spent most of my holidays. During the period when I was 26-29, I had 3 – 4 intimate relationships with potential life partners, all had physical and personality traits that attracted me. My goal to to be married before age 30.

I made my final choice really instinctively based on how comfortable I felt when I was with her. Also her values and beliefs were compatible with mine. Most importantly, she was very natural – minimal make-up, with a beautiful face and smile, and with kind eyes. After 33 years together, I still recognize these same traits every time I look at her. More importantly, we have stood side by side in good and bad times. We have 3 lovely young adults as children, and we share a long history of building our family together. I do not expect my partner to make me happy. I am already happy and contented in life. I expect and have love, respect and trust from her. In return, she expects and has no less from me.

Excerpt from my next book: Relationship matters.


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